IDPA Trainers

Jeff Johnson is a highly skilled and experienced gun training professional with a long history in competitive shooting and extensive knowledge of firearms. His background in shooting from a young age, along with his family’s history of shooters, has contributed immensely to his expertise and levels of achievement. One of the significant aspects that sets Jeff apart as a training professional is his understanding of the gun industry such as the technical side of gun ownership, gun safety, gun responsibility, types of guns, and how guns and ammunition work together.

Jeff’s training rates start at:
$75 ph. for the first hour
$50 ph. for any additional hours
With a minimum of 2 hours
His training location is at Wren’s Ranch in Parries California

Please contact Jeff Johnson via text or email only at:
Text (only): 951-591-9186


IDPA on YouTube with Paul Gee. These are short focused videos that are packed with information. The videos are organized with a horizontal menu for easy reference. Look under PLAYLISTs to select the category of training you wish. Explore the other links for more IDPA shooting related fun. Highly Recommended.


Lance Boland

Lance is a NRA Training Counselor based in Orange County. His background in firearms started in his childhood where he learned the handling of rifles, pistols, and shotguns from his father, who was also an NRA Instructor. Lance spent his childhood hunting large game in the mountains of Idaho, and inland game in Southern Illinois. 


Artifex Firearms Training, Ben Smith  

There’s no doubt that the competitive shooting field has heavily influenced military, law enforcement, tactical and defensive shooting, so what better class to take than one which prepares you to compete while improving your fundamental handgun skills? 


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