About IDPA:

The concept of IDPA is to provide scenarios that simulate a self-defense encounter a CCW holder might have. Guns must be the kind you would carry concealed. There is a box to determine if your gun is suitable in size. This box will accommodate the majority of production handguns. Barrels longer than 5 inches will probably not fit.

IDPA matches require some advanced shooting skills such as; using cover, multiple target engagement, drawing from concealment, rapid reloading just to mention a few. Our match is not the place to shoot your gun for the first time. It is not the place to learn how to draw from the holster either. You MUST bring those skills to the match. Do not expect us to teach you at the match.

Watching YouTube is not enough training.

If you have shot other pistol games or attended a Front Sight or other shooting school pistol course then you are in good shape to learn the IDPA way.

If you have just bought your first gun and want to participate in IDPA you will need a class to help you gain the necessary skills. Choose the link across the top for IDPA Training.  This will give you a list of trainers that we know and who can provide you with the necessary skills to enjoy IDPA.

Definitely come out and observe a match. You will find our staff and shooters happy to answer questions or explain our sport. Identify yourself as an observer at the sign-in table so we can give you some attention. It is OK to attend the ‘New Shooter’ briefing as well, even if you are not going to shoot, to get a base perspective of the range rules.

Attending the ‘New Shooter’ briefing is required before shooting your first match with us.
The briefing will start at 8am so be sure to be at the range in time to go through registration and get your gear on before 8.

Go to the safety table to take your gun from the carrying case and put it in the holster. Make sure it is UNLOADED. When you come to the ‘New Shooter’ briefing be sure to have your match gear on. That is your holster and mag pouches with your unloaded gun in the holster.

Gear (the basics):

The minimum caliber for a pistol in most divisions is 9mm.  The minimum caliber for a revolver is .38spl with a barrel length of 4″ or less. Barrel porting is allowed in some divisions.

Usually your gun is good for IDPA as you bought it from the store. The rule book has a list of general characteristics. The Division Equipment Appendix has a more comprehensive list of permitted changes by Division. You will find that four magazines are the most useful. Bring at least 150 rounds for use in the match. They don’t go bad if you have to take some home.

You need a strong side hip holster fitted for your gun that covers the trigger guard and trigger completely and a magazine pouch that will hold two magazines for the support side. A sturdy belt through the belt loops on your pants is necessary to securely hold your holstered gun and magazine pouch. Drop-leg, pocket, shoulder or small of the back holsters are not permitted in IDPA. If you are active LE and it is part of your complete duty rig, drop-leg holsters are permitted. An exception might be made for a medical necessity.

IDPA has decided that appendix holsters are OK. At our match we do not permit appendix holsters, inside or outside the waistband.

You will need a garment such as a long shirt worn un-tucked, a jacket or vest to conceal your holstered gun and magazine pouch.

IDPA has decided to allow  long guns into the match in the form of pistol caliber carbines. 

These can be 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm, and .45 ACP pistol caliber cartridges only.

Eye and hearing protection are required.

Our Match:

This match may ‘belong’ to Lief but the truth is that it would be impossible without the volunteer help of many.

From the people who come out to help set up the match to the Safety Officers who actually run the match, the shooters who step up and help score the match,  my lovely wife Sonja who does registration, it is a cooperative effort in the truest sense.

Thanks. It couldn’t happen without you.

New Shooters:

For people new to Prado and our match, please observe the following;

New Shooter orientation

Attendance at the ‘New Shooter’ briefing (held in Bay 5 at 8am sharp) is required before you shoot your first match with us. This is a range rules briefing so everyone regardless of experience must do this once. Observers are also welcome to come to the briefing.

5mph speed limit in the range. Management gets quite cranky if you speed in the range.

Do not handle your firearms at your car. Please use the safety tables provided in the range where you sign-up. There is a safety table in each of the bays in the range, to holster your gun initially and to bag it at the end of the match. You can put on your holster and mag pouches anywhere and load your magazines.

Do not take ammo to the safety tables during the match. Leave it with your bag or on a table away from the safety table.

If you are shooting your CCW weapon in the match, use the safety table to unload before the match and to prepare for the street after the match. No ammo at the safety table during the match.

Weather Policy:

This is to clarify our rain cancellation policy.

On the Saturday before the match, at noon, if the weather forecast is a 50% or greater chance of rain on Sunday we will usually cancel the match. Please check the links below to the weather forecast and a moving weather map. 

To check the weather at the range click on on: Chino weekend weather

Moving Radar weather

Sunday morning, still not sure?

Lief 714-206-7043

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