The match is limited to 91 shooters. After 91 are registered a waitlist will be generated. The online waitlist will the drawn from before the walk-up waitlist.

We have implemented on-line registration. You must pay on-line to register.

Online registration for the up-coming match will usually open the weekend before. The matches are listed with the match date in the name so there shouldn’t be much trouble picking one. Add yourself to our e-mail list here so you will get the notification.

Online registration for a match will close at 7pm the day before the match. This is to give me time to update the computers for match day. You can still join the waitlist as a walkup at the match if you want to take a chance.

Register early to make sure you get a spot in the match. We have been having trouble with involuntary early closing of the sign-in page so register before noon the Friday before the match, to be safe. You can still register at the match.

The registration page for the match says the match starts at 7:30am Saturday morning. That is when we are ready to get you signed up and set for shooting. People who register online must still confirm they are at the match with the registration table. Match sign-ups end at 8:30 so don’t be late.

The match briefing will usually start about 8:45 or so and we will shoot shortly after that.

Click here CA IDPA  to open the Practiscore website to find our match registration. Click on the match date to find the registration form.


Match fees and Instructions:

To ensure you get a spot in the match you must signup and pay online. The new fee is $42.

Paid on-line:
Currently we can only have one price online so even if you are an IDPA member you will be charged $42. Show your IDPA number to the registration desk and you will be refunded $5.

Primary SO shoots for free. E-mail Lief to confirm.

When you register on-line you will get an e-mail with a link to your registration data. We are now doing online squadding at the time you register. The page opened by this link allows you to change your squad.

When you get to the range on match day there will be two waivers on tablets to fill out. One is for the range waiver and the other is for our match.

We are now putting people who do not register online on a first-come first-served waitlist. At 8:30 if there are any vacancies we will register from the waitlist to a match total of 91 shooters.

Please have both of these waivers complete before you get to Sonja.

There is only one line so please be patient.

If you did not register online please bring cash or check as we do not accept credit cards at the range.

Come early to avoid the line.

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