This is some information for a New Shooter orientation. If you are new to IDPA or our match please download this PDF to get a heads up how things are done.

Here is the flyer for the Big BUG match on October 18, 2014.

Here is a link to the online registration page. Here is a link to the paper form for registration to mail or bring to a match.


We have made a BUG division for both revolver and semi-auto to shoot in the regular match. You will use the full capacity of your mags and shoot the match as if with a full-sized gun. You will need a hip holster that fits your bug and ammo carriers for your belt to use it in the match.


BUG is a 3" barrel (or less) revolver or a 3.8" barrel (or less) semi-auto.


Here is the new score  sheet we are using to great success.

Each squad gets 8 of these score sheets with their names already on them, one for each stage. As soon as a stage is finished the score sheet is brought to the sign-in table and we can start inputting the scores while the match is progressing.


Keeping score is a great way to help keep the match moving. Here is a paper on how to be a score keeper.


We have implemented on-line registration. You can choose to pay on-line for a slight additional fee.


Registration for the up-coming match will usually open the weekend before. There will normally only be one match listed (we have two when there is a classifier) so there shouldn't be much trouble picking one.


Registration for a match will close at 7pm the Friday before the match. This is to give me time to update the computers for Saturday.


We have been having trouble with involuntary early closing of the sign-in page so register before noon the Friday before the match, to be safe. You can still register at the match.


The registration for the match says the match starts at 7:45am Saturday morning. That is when we are ready to get you signed up and set for shooting. Match sign-ups end at 8:45 so don't be late. The match briefing will usually start about 8:45 or so and we will shoot shortly after that.


Click here CA IDPA  to open the Practiscore website to find our match registration. Click on the match date to find the registration form.


For people new to Prado and our match, please observe the following;

New Shooter orientation.

5mph speed limit in the range. Management gets quite cranky if you speed in the range.

Do not handle your firearms at your car. Please use the safety tables provided in the range where you sign-up or at the west end of the pistol range to holster your gun initially and to bag it at the end of the match. You can put on your holster and mag pouches anywhere and load your magazines.

Do not take ammo to the safety tables during the match. Leave it with your bag or on a table away from the safety table.

If you are shooting your CCW weapon in the match, use the safety table to unload before the match and to prepare for the street after the match. No ammo at the safety table during the match.

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Ca-IDPA Shooters e-mail Signup Form

Registration Process and Match Fees

We have implemented match registration online. This will streamline the process on match day.

Click here CA IDPA  and look for CA IDPA among the matches on the Practiscore website to find our match registration. Click on the match date to find the registration form.

Match fees are;

Paid at the match;

  1. Current IDPA member $25 - Must have your IDPA number for registration.
  2. Non-member $30.

Paid on-line;

  1. Current IDPA member $27.
  2. Non-member $32

Match setup help Friday before the match will get the match for $15 (max of 4 people).

Primary SO shoots for free (max 4). E-mail Lief to confirm.

When you register on-line you will get a series of e-mails;

  1. An e-mail that your registration is pending.
  2. Then if you are paying on-line you will get an e-mail with a link to pay for the match.
  3. Finally a thank you e-mail with registration confirmation.

When you get to the range on match day there will be two waivers to fill out. One requires initials on both sides and a signature. The other is printing your name and signing on a list to indicate you have read the range waiver.

Please have both of these complete before you get to Sonja. She will look you up and after verifying your payment she will give you a wrist band and you can decide which bay you want to start in.

If you did not register on-line she will enter your details into the computer and accept the match payment before giving you a wrist band.

Come early to avoid the line.

Weather Policy

This is to clarify our rain cancellation policy. On the Friday before the match, at noon, if the weather forecast is a 50% or greater chance of rain on Saturday we will usually cancel the match. Please check the website for updates.

We check the weather at noon. If we need to cancel a match we post an announcement on the Home page by 2:00 p.m. To check the weather at the range click on on: Chino weekend weather

Saturday morning, still not sure?

Lief 714-206-7043

 About Our Match


The concept of IDPA is to  provide scenarios that simulate a self-defense encounter a CCW holder might have. Guns must be the kind you would carry concealed, no scopes, compensators, large funnels into the mag well and other features commonly found on race guns. There is a box to determine if your gun is suitable in size. This box will accommodate the majority of production handguns.

IDPA matches require some advanced shooting skills such as; shooting while moving, using cover, multiple target engagement, drawing from concealment, rapid reloading just to mention a few. 

Watching YouTube is not enough training.

If you have shot other pistol games or attended a Front Sight or other shooting school pistol course then you are in good shape to learn the IDPA way.

If you have just bought your first gun and want to participate in IDPA you will need a class to help you gain the necessary skills. FFT, LLC offers a beginning class for competition shooting. This will supply you with the necessary skills to enjoy IDPA. Please come out and observe a match and ask questions. Seeing settles lots of uncertainty about the shooting competition.

See the FAQ for more detailed info about gear and guns  FAQ

See the About IDPA for links to the IDPA home page and other stuff About IDPA