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PCC+1 Pistol caliber carbine and handgun match

November 26, 2017 @ 7:30 am
Prado Olympic Shooting Park
17501 Pomona Rincon Rd
Chino, CA 91708

The match will be paper and steel. Accuracy will be required. Distances possibly out to 40 yards and minimum 25 rounds per stage. The round count will be generous. Bring lots.

If you select a division for PCC and handgun then you will use both in every stage.
If you select a PCC only division then you will use PCC only in every stage.
If you select a handgun only division then you will use the handgun only in every stage.

We will be using par time for each stage. It may vary depending on the complexity of the stage.

Everyone will shoot the same stages at the same distances. Holsters will be required for carrying the handgun if you have selected a division that requires it. As with the PCC you may have as many ammunition carriers as you like for the handgun.

The Particulars:
1. Caliber; .22 Rimfire (short, long or long rifle), 9mm, .40, .45acp
2. Red Dot and No Optic will be in different divisions.
3. 10 rounds in the gun to start and all reloads will be 10 rounds only except for Open division where any capacity is OK.
4. The carbine must have a shoulder stock.
5. No slings
6 You must have and use a chamber flag. We will have those available for sale for any who do not have one.
7. The carbine is transported muzzle up at all times when it is in your hand. This is to minimize swinging the rifle in close quarters.
8. 3-gun, cowboy carts and stroller carts are fine with no gun case because the muzzle will be up or the cart faced into the berm to un-cart the rifle.
9. A wagon is fine but the gun must be in a rifle case when in the wagon.
10. No handguns on your belt unless in a division that requires it.

All rifles will be magazine fed. You may carry as many magazines as you wish. You may use a dump pouch for extra capacity if you wish. You may use any style of magazine pouch or holder.
The .22 rifles can be AR style such as M&P15-22 or conventional rifle style like Ruger 10/22 or other maker of like rifles. A .22 conversion top on a multi-purpose lower is fine.
The 9mm, .40 or .45 rifles can be any variety of AR style carbine or other manufacturers concept for the caliber. Camp-9 and -45 or the Ruger PC4 or PC9 as examples of the variants.

Please remember that the online check-in at registration must be done by 8:30 so as to not lose your spot.

Online waitlist and walk-up waitlist will be worked through in the order that they signed up.